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Adopting a Homeless Cat

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We know at Animal Angels that it can be very satisfying to give a home to an abandoned cat, of any age or breed.

Sadly there is a huge choice out there and all the various rescue centres are desperate for kind and willing animal lovers to provide a comfortable, safe home for their temporary feline residents.

The background to an abandoned cat is often unknown, but sometimes it can be that their owner’s circumstances have changed so much that they are unable to look after a cat eg. they now live in a rented flat or they can’t afford the cost of a pet.

If you are thinking of adopting a cat, think about your own circumstances – do you live near a main road? is your household quiet and calm? do you already have other pets? Make a list of your ‘cat’ requirements and discuss them with the rescue centre. It may not be the prettiest or the youngest cat that is the right one for you.

The signs of a healthy cat are; clear, bright eyes, a shiny, glossy coat, no indication of lameness or illness eg. runny nose or sticky eyes. The rescue centre may have had the cat vaccinated and chipped, but check first - as these things will have to be budgeted for once you adopt the cat.

One you have chosen your cat and he’s home, keep him in for at least a week to ensure that he gets used to his new environment. If you have other pets in the house that may start a fight with him, use a portable crate to keep him separate for a while until they get used to him being in the house. Talk to him, stroke him and be patient if he doesn’t settle immediately – many abandoned cats have had bad experiences with previous owners and will take a while to gain trust and be content in their new home.

Once he is happy you will be rewarded with a loving pet and the satisfaction that you have given an abandoned cat a home for life.

If you are considering adopting a cat, there many national and local rescue centres. They include The Cat’s Protection League, The RSPCA and The Cinnamon Trust.