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The German Shepherd Dog ‘A Passion For Life’

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The German Shepherd Dog ‘A Passion For Life’ - The Care and Welfare of a Noble Breed


Author: Kathleen Powell

A breed of nobility, loyalty and courage, the German Shepherd Dog is universally loved and admired. Covering the key aspects of the care and welfare of this wonderful breed, this stunning 288-page book presents an in-depth range of material, including the origins of the German Shepherd, purchasing and educating your puppy, health care issues and astounding stories of canine heroism. Specialists from across the world have provided a professional framework for this book, and Shepherds from all walks of life are illustrated through carefully selected photographs, paintings and drawings.

Visit for more information and the opportunity to purchase the book online. If purchased through this website all profits will be allocated for canine epilepsy research until £10,000 has been achieved. 


Please send us your comments and reviews of the book - a must have for all German Shepherd owners!