Beware! - Wasp Spider bites

Posted by Wendy Bishop in Uncategorized

Created on Tue 13 September 2016 17:18

As animal owners and lovers, we're sure that you would like to be made aware of the unpleasant effects of a bite from a 'wasp spider' on your dog or cat.

While out for his usual weekend walk in the woods, Merlot (our resident Labradoodle) was bitten on his hind quarters by a tiny, brightly coloured spider, known as a 'wasp spider' - so named because of its striking yellow and black markings on its abdomen. 

Obviously agitated, Merlot emerged from the shrubs and long grass drooling and his tail noticably limp and lifeless. Uncharacteristically, he refused to walk and it was clear that he needed to get home and be seen by a vet.

After a few hours and several telephone conversations with the 'on-call' vet, his symptoms subsided and he was back to his normal 'perky' self...but still clearly annoyed with the bite and trying to lick it better. He has a precautionary appointment today with the vet just to check him out.

So, following this experience, please be aware when out and about on your dog walk as the nasty little wasp spider could be hidden in the undergrowth and be the cause of much discomfort and distress for dog and owner.